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Fearless Exploring: the Art of Jessie Featherstone - Exhibition in the Stutz Art Gallery

Exhibit open W - F 11 am – 2 p m. through March 31
Noted for her interest and fearlessness in exploring new techniques, Jessie Featherstone has spent a lifetime in the process of discovery. more...

Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House
Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Volunteer to help with the Open House!Press release is here. More than 60 artists will open their studios to visitors during the 2017 two-day event. The Stutz Artists Open House is not only an opportunity to see the work of dozens of local artists in one place at one time, it gives our geusts the chance to see where and how the work is created. more...

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Stutz Artists Residency AWARD

Application window will reopen later in 2017.

For 20 years the Stutz Artists Association (SAA) has offered free studio space valued at approximately $6000 to one or two artists making it one of the largest grants from a local arts organization offered to an individual visual artist in central Indiana. Your donations are appreciated! more...




The Stutz Artists Association is a nonprofit, volunteer organization of artists working in the historic Stutz Building in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The organization works to encourage member artists and promote their work by sponsoring many events throughout the year.

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