Jane Knight

Jane Knight

Artist Statement

"You did that with your fingers?!"  YES! My unique finger painting technique transforms the canvas into inspirational
impressionistic/abstract images.  I incorporate innovative compositions
with emphasis on light and its changing qualities through the bold use of color.  I love to paint!  I find it is the most challenging yet relaxing
thing in my life.  When I paint in plein air there is nothing better than being in that moment, creating.  It is special because the light and color is unique for that time. It’s a feeling of being given a gift to share with others.   After over 20 years of painting with a brush I found myself frustrated with them while plein air painting in Italy.  When I returned I discovered finger painting.  Now I paint exclusively with my fingers and I
teach the technique as well.

studio:   D285
web:    http://jmknight77.blogspot.com/
phone:  317.331.5583
mailing address:
           Jane Knight - wo-di impressions
           212 West 10th Street, D285
           Indianapolis, IN 46202

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