Artist Creates a Robotic Deer with ‘Obsolete Artifacts’

Greg Potter is a veteran artist based in Franklin, Indiana – one of the several artists participating in “Obsolete ARTifacts: Recycled Parts,” opening Friday, July 8. He often employs bold colors to paint animals in a surrealist manner. His animals are always going somewhere, ready to begin a new journey, or to disrupt the established order of what people perceive an animal should do. Some animals are tourists, others are explorers, and sometimes they just try to raise awareness about some natural facts.

Finished DeerThe inspiration for his piece in “Obsolete ARTifacts” came from a hunting occurrence. Several years ago, after his fourth tour in Iraq, he went hunting with his brother. Greg crawled under a bush as he had done many times in the infantry, while his brother climbed up into his tree stand. The wind was blowing, the squirrels were barking and the birds were chipping; it felt so peaceful that Greg fell asleep. When he woke up he saw a mama deer with a baby deer that came sniffling at him. After they left, his brother approached him and asked “Did you feel that rush?” Greg said, “If it had been a robotic deer carrying a ray gun, I would.” This experience inspired him to make a robotic deer – and has since made several robotic sculptures. But he has not hunted again since that odd forest encounter.

Deer Making 1For his piece in the show, Greg was given a small phone and some cables. See how he used the artifacts to blend into his robotic-looking piece during July’s exhibition.

WHAT: “Obsolete ARTifacts: Recycled Parts,” co-presented by Sun King Brewery
WHERE: Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, 212 W. 10th St., B110 (Enter from 10th Street via Bearcat alley)
WHEN: Artists’ Reception on July 8, 5-9 pm, Following the opening reception, the art will be on display during Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm, July 11-29

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