Life is But a Dream

jane knightJane Knight is one of several Stutz artists participating in “Passions Collide: Artists & Paddlers Meet” art exhibit at the Raymond James Stutz Gallery through March 18, benefiting Indy Survivors – Indiana’s only breast cancer dragon boat team. Her paddle art is on display in the Raymond James Stutz Gallery through March 18.

Here’s what she had to say about her paddle art:

I created this piece with the musical rhythm of the boat in mind
As each woman holds the paddle
Places it into the water
Moving the boat towards their goal
Guided by their strength and heart
Relying on each other
To stay in sync until the Dragon crosses the line
It is just like life….

My unique finger painting technique transforms the canvas into inspirational impressionistic/abstract images. In the paintings I incorporate innovative compositions; with emphasis on light and it’s changing qualities through the bold use of color. I love to paint! I find it is the most challenging yet relaxing thing in my life. When I travel I paint in plain air. There is nothing better than being in that moment of creating outside the studio. It is special because the light and color are unique for that moment. It’s a feeling of being given a gift to share small piece of time with others. How did I find Finger Painting? After over 20 years of painting I found myself frustrated with my brushes while painting in Italy and discovered finger painting when I returned. Since 2007 I have been painting with my fingers exclusively.

Join us for the free reception, silent auction and artist awards on Friday, March 18, 6-9 pm. Voting for peoples’ choice is on-going in the gallery. View and bid on paddles online here, or bid at the March 18 event.

You can view alll of the 2016 paddle art in our Photo Gallery

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