Sean Hurley


Artist Statement

My work represent a search for certainty, a response to the disturbing mystery of the unknown and uncontrollable. For me the act of drawing is a scientific attempt to explain and know, systematically discovering the world through close scrutiny. Working exclusively from observation, each object I render is a triumph of discovery, a small reassurance that with enough study there is no mystery that can not be solved. I convince myself that the unknown is fleeting, and in each detail I am closer to mastering and understanding my own fate. For me, drawing is a confirmation of my own agency, self-affirming proof of my ability to know the world.

studio:   B255b
phone:   (603) 721-1846
email: seanWJHurley [at] gmail [dot] com
mailing address:
           Sean Hurley
           1650 E 58th Street
           Indianapolis, In 46220

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