Artist Channeled Georgia O’Keefe for Her Latest Piece

January 21, 2016
001martha carlson“A while back I was working on a series entitled BOXED EMOTIONS, and the subject matter was rather disheartening. I started to look around and mull over ideas for something a little more abstract. I was paging through a book of Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings and came across one in particular that spoke to me, ABSTRACTION BLUE, 1927. I wondered what her process was for doing the painting. Why she painted it the way she did? What was she thinking? I have always admired her, her paintings and her independent spirit. I thought maybe if I painted her painting I could channel some of her thoughts. It was so much fun. I felt very free to experiment with blue, make sweeping motions, blending colors carefully, trying to be true to her painting yet wanting to make it my own.”  – Stutz artist Martha Carlson

Martha is one of the Stutz artists participating in this month’s exhibition: The January Blues. Stop by and see her latest work during Gallery hours: Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.