Five questions with artist Kassie Woodworth

October 22, 2019
Kassie Woodworth

Meet Kassie Woodworth the 2019-20 Stutz Artist in Residency. She was selected from over 40 applicants to receive complementary studio space for one year at The Stutz building. The opportunity also means mentoring from other Stutz Artists who have been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for their works.

Kassie was born and raised in Schererville in Northwest Indiana. In May, she graduated from Herron School of Art. She describes herself as a sculptor and a printmaker so she can integrate three dimensional and two dimensional.

How did you find out about the Residency program?
I went to IUPUI Herron School of Art. One of my professors, Greg Hull, who’s a former Resident himself, told me about the program. I knew I had to wait to graduate to apply and I was surprised when I got the call that I was selected.

What did you find most interesting during the selection process?
It was pretty vigorous. It came down to the blind exhibition round with six other artists in that step. During that step, I was asked, “What is art and why does it matter to the world?” I see art as a form of communication and language whether it’s artist to artist or artist to viewer. Art is anything that is a visual representation of a thought or idea.

The Resident studio starts as a vanilla box, similar to all studios at The Stutz, how do you see yourself working here over the next year?
I had a huge space for a residency over the summer. I was able to set up stations for different projects. I had multiple works going at once. I think I’m going to do the same thing here.

Tell me about your process to create your work.
My pieces use line pattern and repetition found in nature to either represent the material or show the history of the material. For this piece (see XX), these are copper gutters and show the history of the material. I want people to look beyond the money value.

What will surprise people about you?
My dedication to my practice. If I’m not sleeping or working, I’ll be here. My mind is constantly thinking about art, so I just want to be here creating. During my extra time, I’ll be here taking advantage of this great opportunity.