Meet Stutz Artist Resident Marna Shopoff

September 1, 2015

DSC_0549Marna Shopoff is one of our 2014-15 Stutz Residents, who for the past year has been enhancing her creativity through the Stutz Artist Residency program. She will unveil her latest works during the show “Between the Dot and the Dash” at the Stutz Artist Residency Exhibition Opening Reception, Sept. 4, 5-9 pm. She will be joined by Stutz Resident Cheryl Lorance for this exhibit.

Here’s more about Marna:

Q.  How long have you been an artist?  

A.  I grew up in a home surrounded by art and creativity. My inspiration grew in high school and culminated with receiving my, BFA (‘12) and MFA (‘14) in painting and drawing from Herron School of Art & Design. I have been exploring a more classical approach to oil painting for the past 5 years (inspired by wonderful mentors in college and now one year beyond).

DSC_0401Q.  Why do you make the type of art you make?

A.  I chose the media of paint because it allows me to make an illusion of space. Through the use of abstraction, I can translate the world around me … creating an interpretation of a place, capturing the essence of it rather than an imitation of it.

Q.  What’s your inspiration and what do you want to convey through your art?

A.  Using architecture and abstraction as a philosophy, my work is a vehicle to investigate the intimacy I find within shared spaces. I am interested in the interpretation of — and the interactions with the places that surround me: what memories or feelings do these spaces spark and what sort of energy do they project? Likewise, I am interested in the roles that art plays in culture, architecture, and the site-specificity of spatial relationships that are formed by these interactions.

Q.  What’s something you want people to know about you or your art?

The work I plan to exhibit in the resident exhibition (opening Friday) will include a combination of oil on canvas paintings and mixed media drawings. The pieces displayed will explore the idea of ‘home’ as it taps into the intimacy I have found within shared places (in a composition, in the world, and with one another)… a place that is familiar with spaces always unfinished. To me, these places become a bridge between inside and out, a passageway of self-reflection. In my work I explore compositional, personal and experiential connections, while creating an invitation for the viewer to do the same.

DSC_0558Q.  What do you do outside of creating your art?

A.  When I am not in the studio, I enjoy travelling (near and far), hiking, sailing and yoga. I am also an adjunct professor of fine arts at Herron School of Art & Design, in both the Foundations and Drawing departments. I find much inspiration from my students, and the world around me.

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