Online Open House

March 23, 2020

The Stutz Artists Association is taking the annual Open House online. Painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, textiles, porcelain, metalworks and more will be featured and available for purchase during the Stutz Artists Association April Online Open House.

This online event does not take the place of the annual Stutz Artists Association Open House, which has been postponed and will be scheduled for later this year due to the current global pandemic and stay-at-home directive.

“Like many businesses and organizations, we’ve organized to take a great event online until we can reschedule the Open House and all come back together at the Stutz Building,” says Amy Carroll, Stutz Artists Association board chair. “During the traditional Open House, it’s hard for our guests to get to every studio and meet every artist. This online event gives the community access to all of our member’s artworks. We hope our online art show in April brings a break of brightness to people in our community during this time.”

How will it work?

  • Starting April 1, Stutz Artists Association social media channels will promote a daily featured artist that includes their works, biographical information and link to their contact details.
  • Community members who want to participate simply follow or like Stutz Artists on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • This event is FREE and OPEN to the public to click through and check out each day.
  • If someone in the community sees an artist’s work they like and want, contact that artist directly.

Updates and additional information will be available on the Stutz Artists Association’s website during April.