Behind the Scenes with Stutz Resident Sean W.J. Hurley

March 24, 2017

The Stutz Artists Association Residency Program has been tremendously valuable to me so far. My studio provides me with a home base from which to work, and a refuge from the daily grind of home and office. Without the residency I could not afford the space, and would otherwise be working out of my already cluttered sunroom, a space that is less than inspirational, to say the least.

I have been using my studio at the Stutz to produce a series of drawings of the interior of the Stutz building itself. I’ve long been interested in utilitarian and industrial spaces and architecture, and I’ve been setting up around the building and drawing “en plein air” in the hallways, rendering the pipes, compressors, and architecture of the building and focusing on areas where the structural elements juxtapose with each other to form interesting patterns and forms. I’m working in charcoal and in graphite, and I finish the drawings in my studio after several days or weeks of nightly work from observation in the hallways. As it gets warmer I’ll also be venturing outside of the building to draw the architecture and infrastructure of the surrounding area.

I also teach two courses a semester at Butler University in the Art+Design program. This semester I teach Depiction (a printmaking and illustration course,) as well Perspectives in Creative Arts, a survey course for non-majors.

In my spare time – if I am not teaching or in the studio, I’m generally riding my bike. During the warmer months I often ride 200-300 miles a week and I race in both road and cyclocross events. A critic once pointed out that both my art and my cycling involve linear movement through space, which I thought was a pretty interesting observation. I find that the mental and physical rigors of each activity allows me to excel at the other, although I’m naturally a lot better at drawing than I am at riding a bike. 

My favorite things about being a Stutz artist are certainly the facilities that the building has to offer as someone who works large and draws industrial architecture. In that respect my situation is perfect. I also love the sense of community, and I am certainly not complaining about Bea rcats being right downstairs for the occasional beer or sandwich.

Thank you to all who make the residency possible! I’m grateful every day I’m in my studio for this opportunity. Check out my website if interested in my work,, and follow me on instagram @seanwjhurley for a mix of art, bikes and other miscellany.