A Stutz Painter Uses Canvas, Color and Lines to “Change the Story”

September 25, 2015
Vicky Shaffer White Headshot 09 2015Stutz artist Vicky Shaffer White is an ‘abstract naturalist’ exploring the layers of life with acrylic washes and ink on canvas. She has been painting for more than 25 years. Her art is about color and shapes and having a positive attitude toward life. She’s one of the several artists participating in October’s “Changing the Story” exhibit. For Vicky, creating art gives her energy and satisfies an urge she has to explore what’s on her mind.

“I love the challenge between me and my canvas, color and lines,” shared Vicky.

Although unfamiliar with College Mentors for Kids, Vicky seized the opportunity to participate in this exhibit. She was anxious to learn more. She will join 10 visual artists who spent the summer creating art that encourages, depicts, and helps change the story and misperceptions of children living in challenging situations.

College Mentors for Kids asked Vicky if she thought whether or not visual art could make a difference in solving child poverty. She responded: “Visual Art gives one permission to dream and experiment. Reality can be pretty harsh but if one can imagine a better place or idea it makes you happier and less stressed. Sometimes these ideas lead to real life changes for the good.”

On Friday, October 2, The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, in collaboration with College Mentors for Kids, will celebrate the opening of “Changing the Story” — a multi-faceted exhibit that demonstrates the emotional lives of kids living in challenging circumstances. 

About Vicky Shaffer White:  Vicky received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting from Herron School of Art. She is a member of the Stutz Artist Association and IDADA (Indianapolis Downtown Artist Association). She served as the Executive Director of the Art Association of Henry County (AAHC) in New Castle, IN. She has participated in many local and regional juried shows and encourages the growth of the local arts. Her work can be seen in the Mayor of Indianapolis’ executive offices, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Corporate offices, Circle Theater for the ISO, and the Indianapolis Zoo, as well as across the country in California, Florida, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.