Stutz artists Will Open Their Studios on August 4, 2017

Evening (5:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Enjoy the creative energy! Open Studios at the Stutz resumes in August. First Friday Open Studios offer the visitor a perfect opportunity to learn more about the creative process. Explore the historic Stutz building and watch the artists at work.

Artists who participate in the annual Stutz Artists Association Open House typically stand in pristine studios and show off their work. But during first Friday Open Studios, visitors get to see what the artists' studios look like the other 363 days of the year. We hope you'll consider joining the Stutz artists as they host open studios in the evening on this first Friday of the month.

The event is free.

Participating artists include:

Stuart Alter, A-280, Abstract acrylic
Faith Blackwell , D-345    Photography
Linette Bledsoe, C-340, Demonstrating faux finishes
Susan D. Brewer, A-230, Abstract expressionist
Lydia Burris, A-250, Interactive monster drawing demo; guests choose themes
Martha Carlson, C-370, Series of pears referencing womanhood using Latin words
Beth Clary Schwier, A-340, See Smithsonian Circus Art; painting demonstration
Leigh Dunnington-Jones, C-330, Demonstration of glass enamel on copper
Anne Emison Wishard, A-390, Photo encaustic
Don R. Fitzpatrick, B-350, Aluminum DiBond & Funky Stuff; Electronic Photographs
Wendy Franklin, A330, Fiber and Mixed Media
Jim Gerard, A-455, Drawing, painting, sculpture
Andrea Jackson, B-320, Silver art jewelry; torch demonstrations
Jane Knight, D-285, Finger painting
Martha Lindenborg Vaught, C-325, Monotypes with ink on glass and paper through the press
Grace Marshall, A-385, Metalsmith/jeweler
Bruce Moore, B-345, Contemporary abstract watercolors
Myra Perrin, A-390, Sculpture, jewelry, art
Kevin Raber, C-375, Photography
Jen Rozelle-Trinosky, B-355, Mixed Media-wood, glass, metal
Taylor Smith, B360, New original paintings on vintage reclaimed industrial silkscreen frames
Michael Swolsky, B-355, Several new pieces in "IMAGINE" series of metal wall art
April Willy, A-335, Painter, illustrator
Wild Opal, B-345, Cuttlefish Casted Silver and Gold Jewelry