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Stutz Artists Association Residency AWARD

For over 20 years, the Stutz Artists Association (SAA) has offered free studio space (valued at approximately $6,000) to up to two central Indiana emerging artists in Central Indiana annually making it one of the largest grants from a local arts organization offered to individual visual artists in central Indiana.

Each artist will receive access to their own studio space for the duration of their residency and access to and support from the community of Stutz artists.

Funding for the program comes from the proceeds from the annual Raymond James Stutz Artists Open House in April. More information about the event may be accessed by clicking here.



Shelby Alexander
Shelby Alexander


Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Stutz Residency Artists

Shelby Alexander and Rebecca Zink have been selected to receive the SAA Residency Awards for 2017

Since 1996, the Stutz Residency program has granted free studio space for a year to local emerging artists. After spending a formative year at the Stutz, 31 Residency artists have gone on to be some of the most accomplished artists in Central Indiana and beyond. Read more here.


Rebecca Zink
Rebecca Zink


Since its inaugural year in 1996, the residency program has provided in-kid contributions of more than $135,000 to 31 local artists. Artists who spent a formative year as a Stutz Resident are among the most well known, accomplished and respected professionals in Indianapolis’ arts community. Previous residency grant recipients are:

2017: Shelby Alexander and Rebecca Zink
2016: Sean Hurley and John Klinkose
2015: Kristy Hughes and Jessica Springman
2014: Cheryl Lorance and Marna Shopoff

2013: David Hicks and Lucas Schooler
2012: Lauren Kussro and Heather Stamenov
2011: Joseph Crone and Emily Budd
2010: Mallory Marty and Brian Myers
2009: Patrick Flaherty and Lydia Burris
2008: William Denton Ray and Mark Pack
2007: Ginny Taylor Rosner and Jay Parnell
2006: Kate Oberreich and David Kleeman
2005: Kevin Smola
2004: Ismalia “Izo” Ndaiye
2003: Stephanie Lewis Robertson
2002: Larry Endicott
2001: Kyle Ragsdale
2000: Jan Zoya
1999: Susan Watt Grade
1998: Emily Kennerk
1997: Greg Hull

More information on the residency program can be obtained by contacting the Stutz Artists Association.